Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Fall

photo taken at Longwood Gardens, PA

photo taken at Longwood Gardens, PA

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and thoughts of the impending winter come to mind.  Before you hunker down for the winter, take time to enjoy the fall weather with the kids!  This time of year, many will take kids out to the orchards to pluck the last of the season’s harvest.  Make homemade dipped apples when you get home (mmm….caramel apples).  Save a few for an apple bobbing contest before dinner!  Don’t forget about many other fun things to do as well!

Check with your local MWR office for events, including Oktoberfest celebrations in the area.  Hold on; it’s not what you might think I’m suggesting.  Pull back your ideas of Bavaria and sloshing beer steins.  Oktoberfest celebrations held locally may include carnival type games and rides for the kids, as well as some arts and crafts.  You might even be able to get some funnel cake while the kids ride the Ferris wheel for the fourth time!  Fall Festivals will soon be popping up with all the cider and apple pies you can imagine.  Check your local SargesList page for events and activities being advertised.

Plan an afternoon of pumpkin seed roasting and s’mores over the evening fire! Falling leaves can be collected for free and used to make some neat crafts with the kids (dried and pressed leaves, the mason jar décor items noted in last month’s Back to Basics, wreaths and cards, Thanksgiving centerpieces, etc).

Fall Yard Sales are also going into full swing.  While this may not seem like something fun for the kids, they may just find some neat new-to-them toys to keep them entertained through the season.  If you are planning your own Fall Yard Sale to help supplement the holiday fund, be sure you advertise on SargesList (for FREE) and take advantage of our flyers and signs we offer!

Speaking of wreaths, use the beautiful weather as a great time for the family to decorate the front porch for the season (corn stalks on the porch columns always remind me of decorating with my mom), clean up the flower beds and go jump in the leaf pile after raking.  Break out the bikes and go for a ride in the neighborhood, at the local park or anywhere else you can safely take in the season!  Most of all, get outside and have fun together!

Tell us all about your Fall Fun!  Share your pictures and stories in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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