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At SargesList, one of our goalsblogging is to bring people together.  The obvious one is buyers and sellers, but we are also here to bring Military-Friendly Real Estate Agents and potential clients together as well.  So what are some great ways to do that?  Does it come as a surprise that marketing yourself as an Agent is not much different than marketing any other business?  Referrals, word-of-mouth, marketing events and finding the right advertising sources are all traditional ways to get your name out there, but in this technology driven day and age, you have to be sure you are using technology to your advantage.

Blogging is an easy and low-cost way to get your name out there.  You can purchase a domain name and hosting services for reasonable costs these days and many times, you can take advantage of deals being offered by the hosting company for both server space and the domain name.  Once that is complete, you choose a blog service.  Most are offered for free and are fairly easy to use and customize and offer free online help as well as member communities to help answer questions and get you up and running quickly.

Now that you have laid the groundwork for your blog (don’t forget a catchy name, colors and logo), you can start thinking of blog posts to write.¬† The writing isn’t that difficult, especially when it is a topic that is important to you.¬† As a Real Estate Agent, your topic choices can be somewhat overwhelming, so let’s make this a simple process.¬† 3-5 blog posts a week, plan them out and pre-write them.¬† Most blogging platforms allow you to schedule your posts, so if you are inspired or are working on a multi-post piece, you can write it all at once and schedule the posts.

Your audience won’t be ALL military, but for when you are writing to that specific audience, you want to pay close attention to the topics and content.¬† We looked at several military-friendly real estate agent’s blogs and found the following topics to be most interesting to us (milspouses):

  • Housing near the base:

    Feature an article each week on the different neighborhoods that you recommend that are close to the base.  Talk about their activities, indicate their school districts (and link to the school websites), show how far away from parks, shopping, hospitals, the base, etc.  Is there an HOA? Ask them to write an article or provide a quote for an upcoming blog article.  Which are geared more toward families?  Some neighborhoods might be better suited to a single servicemember living alone or with roommates.  Is there an area that has great rentals for military?

  • School options:

    This is a great opportunity to reach out to the local schools and PTA/PTO and other Parent-Teacher organizations for articles and “sound bites” for your article.¬† You can even ask the school or organization to share the blog article in their newsletter or on their website. Finding your blog linked in multiple locations will move it UP in the rankings for search engines and may possibly find you new leads!¬† Don’t forget about private schools, charters, before/after/full-day daycare locations and other places that offer activities for school-aged children.

  • Local Low-down:

    Trying to figure out local utilities is one of the WORST tasks that goes along with PCS’ing, in my opinion.¬† Most people have resorted to asking on Facebook groups, but those giving the answers aren’t usually digging out their statements to give accurate information and you arrive to figure out your budget numbers are OFF!¬† Every PCS I have ever done, I look for the providers:¬† gas, water/sewer, electricity, phone, trash, internet, cable.¬† Let’s not forget local plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mobile car washers, vets, doctors, lawn services, pest control, house cleaning, roofers…you get the idea.¬† Help people coming to your area by providing websites, phone numbers, basic service information, maps that show service areas, exactly how to sign up and what is generally required.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    This can be it’s own category and you add to it as you get one of those great questions that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think to tell someone that.”.¬† You can save them up to publish one-at-a-time when you need to fill a gap in your schedule.¬† It can be about property taxes, an obscure law in your state/city, an interesting fact about your town, etc.¬† You never know what will appeal to someone, so do not discount any questions.

Don’t forget to include your “Why”.¬† Tell your audience about your military service or why you choose to specialize in military/PS moves. Be sure to include any certifications you have earned.¬† And if you write for other blogs (maybe your broker has a blog or you also provide articles for the local Chamber of Commerce or other civil or service organization in your area), link to them.¬† Are you a SargesList Local Expert?¬† Don’t forget to include a link to the blog article we offer about our Local Experts:¬† that highlights you as well!


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