Getting Your House Fit to Fight for Your Next PCS Move with a PCS Purge!

PCS season is fast approaching and spring cleaning fever is in full force. There is nothing more stressful than facing a PCS move without a plan to organize your home and shed some of your excess baggage. With each move, we acquire more stuff, which ultimately equals more shipping weight, which can equal big bucks coming out of your pocket if you go over your limit.

Why you should do a PCS Purge:

  1. Avoid storage costs!
  2. Unpacking is easier.
  3. Guarantee your stuff will fit in your new place.
  4. Save the government money. They are your tax dollars too!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll provide you with targeted articles to help you leave your clutter behind and have a fresh start at your new assignment.

From deciding whether or not to take your riding lawn mower to your assignment in Hawaii to gracefully parting with your much loved and very outgrown baby clothing, SargeList stands ready to help you re-home your excess stuff and share the wealth with your local military community.

So what are you waiting for? Start your purging and enter our Purge and Play promotion for a chance to win $120 from SargesList!

For every listing you post you get the benefit of free advertising AND a chance to make money. Sell your items and that is more in your pocket!


Learn to organize before the move and be organized when you unpack. It doesn't happen automatically!


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