Gifts for New Moms That Keep on Giving

Photo Credit: StemCyte

Photo Credit: StemCyte

As Mothers Day approaches, expectant mothers will be celebrating in their own unique way. Whether or not it’s their first child, expecting a baby will make Sunday May, 12 very special for many expecting service members or spouses.

If your spouse, or a loved one is expecting, you may be considering how to help her feel special and appreciated this Sunday.

If you’re looking for unique, practical gifts, you might consider something that will continue to give back to the mother and her family for days, months or years to come. Contributing to college funds is a good option, as is arranging for housekeeping or meals. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique and special gift, you might want to think outside of the box and consider helping to fund cord blood banking.

Paying for part or all of the cord blood banking process may mean your loved one and their whole family are safer for the rest of their lives. Babies’ umbilical cord blood umbilical cord lining are excellent sources of stem cells which are the body’s genetically unique building blocks for blood, organs, tissue, and the immune system.

Many families are catching onto the stem cell saving process for good reason: they are useful for current and potential cures for cancers, blood disorders, immune and genetic diseases. A growing body of research is showing promise for many more potential treatments as well.

Baby arriving soon? Cord blood and tissue must be collected immediately after birth, so the decision to do so much be made by the third trimester. So, if you’re looking to give cord blood banking as a gift, now is the time to talk to the new mom!

If you have questions, you can read a list of procedures, pricing and frequently asked questions on StemCyte‘s website.


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