Give The Gift Of….A Great Feeling!

Don’t just give a gift to give it – give a gift that will give a feeling. Are you with me? The following items look like things, but underneathe their physical state they invoke a feeling. From peace of mind to ultimate control, find the perfect gift below.

Give The Gift Of : Protection And Peace Of Mind

– Sure an iPad might be on your list, but what about ensuring its protected from everything that can possibly happen to it? War zones, PCS moves, kids. *shudder*


Give The Gift Of : Quiet

Ultimate quiet is possible with the Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones. These headphones rock for anyone that travels a lot, works in a loud environment, or just wants to sit in peace and quiet and drown out the world. Whether a soldier or military spouse mom with four kids running around, this gift is essential. Click here to see more gifts that are great for travel?

Give the Gift Of: Warmth РFOREVER

The¬†Contigo AUTOSEAL Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler¬†keeps your java piping hot all day – yes…all day! A personal best friend of this coffee drinker – the vacuum-insulated technology keeps beverages hot for 4 hours, and cold for 12 hours. And when I say hot for 4 hours – that is fresh coffee hot – not luke warm – Your coffee will be hot then warm for the rest of your shift. Amazing.

Give The Gift Of: Personalization

The Personalized Glass Beer Mug will make all lovers of beer happy. You can customize it with a name, a date, or a small quote to make it extra special.



Give The Gift Of: Warm Feet

With Smart Wool Socks! Before you judge this as a lame gift, if you have never worn smart wool anything, you are missing out. Perfectly soft, extra comfortable, and moisture wicking technology makes these the best socks to have in the winter months. There is nothing worse than cold feet in the winter.


Give The Gift Of : Fun

This Snow Trekking Set. The¬†Yukon Charlie’s Pro Guide Snowshoe Kit – Includes ¬†25″ snowshoes, bag, and poles. Want something a little more high speed? Sierra Trading Post has lots of gear for snow fun.

Give The Gift Of: Entertainment

No military media library can ever be complete without a Blu-ray or DVD set of Band of Brothers. This HBO series is packed with action, honor, and life stories that any military family can relate to and will cherish forever. 

Give The Gift Of: Happy Jaws

Have a pup? Make him or her happy with the Nylabone Big Chews for Big Dogs. It comes in beef or chicken flavor and is the best bone for a pup with a tireless jaw.

Give The Gift Of: Ultimate Control

Yes. It can be given…with an¬† Gift Cards!¬†You can either gift in person, or send via e-mail for instant use.¬†

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