Great BBQ Tips

Safety-Grilling-Tips-fbWe BBQ just about anything and everything once the weather starts getting nice. Summer is a great time for a BBQ and with these tips, you can keep grilling right through Fall!

weber_charcoal_chimneyStarting the fire: ¬†Charcoal and wood are going to require help and we do not mean lighter fluid. Find yourself a quality charcoal chimney to get your coals nice and hot.¬† This is the best explanation of how to properly “stuff” the chimney to get a nice hot fire.

Indirect Heat: ¬†The goal is to get the grill and the air inside of it nice and toasty to slow cook meats. ¬†Direct flame will cause burning/blackening, causing unpleasant flavor and your meat will be tough. ¬†With charcoal grills, wait for the charcoal to turn white. ¬†Along with this, don’t pour your marinade over the meat causing a flare-up and trim up fatty cuts before placing on the BBQ. ¬†Keep a water sprayer on hand to “tame the flame” if fat drippings ignite and cause a flare-up.

Meat temp: ¬†One of the biggest mistakes we make is taking our marinated steaks straight from the fridge to the grill. ¬†Cold meat takes longer to cook and can result in a burnt outside with an inside that isn’t done at all. ¬†Room temp meat grills up best!

Don’t touch: ¬†Once you have your meat on the grill, leave it alone. ¬†Let it cook on that indirect heat a while and turn no more than 2 times. ¬†Don’t squash it and send all the juices running out…that leaves you with dried out meat. ¬†And those sausages or brats on the grill, don’t pierce them, roll them when needed.

Let it rest:¬† This is most important with beef, but can apply to all meats. ¬†Once off the grill, bring it in and let it rest. ¬†10 minutes at a minimum will allow the fibers to “relax” from the heat and re-absorb the juices, creating a juicy, tender meat.

Accessories:¬† Depending on the grill you have, there are a ton of accessories that either come with your grill or that can be purchased separately. Baskets for fish, skewers for kebabs (be sure to soak wooden skewers for 30 minutes prior to grilling), stones for pizza, rotisseries for fowl, special plates for veggies, even a special accessory for s’mores. No matter what you’re craving, there’s an accessory for that!

Safety: Grilling_Safety_tips-790x1024

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