Happy Mothers Day 2013!

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Many Military Families are celebrating Mothers Day in their own special way.

On the heels of Friday’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we’re so pleased to usher in Mother’s Day. Many military families are lucky enough to have reason to celebrate both of these events this weekend.

Mothers Day, one of the most widely-celebrated and beloved of the May holidays, is cherished as a special day, set aside, to thank the many many mothers and mother figures who have deeply touched our lives.

There are many mothers who deserve a special place of honor in the life of a service member and their family. Service members who are mothers deserve a very special place in today’s Mom Hall of Fame. Mothers of service members, who surely worry and struggle on a daily basis to support their loved ones, also deserve some extra praise for their hardship. So many different types of mothers touch our lives on a daily basis and each are uniquely appreciated and needed.

With this in mind, we at¬†SargesList would like to give an extra shout out to all our readers who are Mothers affiliated with the military who may be spending this special day without someone to give¬† a hug and a word of thanks. We truly salute you! At SargesList, as military spouses, we’ve been there (are there) ourselves!

It can be tough as your friends and families all over the world are sitting down for nice meals with families, or are given spa treatments and sweet gifts from children, when that kind of celebration just isn’t in the cards for you. We realize some of you are simply not so lucky this time around.

Today may be lonely and, although the love and respect may not arrive in physical form, know you are appreciated more than you may even know. We know you might not feel like celebrating as you miss your kids, your spouse or worry about your child serving in a combat zone, but we, along with many other grateful patriots, are thinking of you.

We hope your day is as wonderful as is possibly can be, and know we’re celebrating with you in our own special way.

Happy Mothers Day 2013, SargesList readers. We thank you for all you do to make our lives better.


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