Heading to a Small Military Base?

Small baseWe’ve all heard the saying that every duty station is what you make of it. This certainly holds true when it comes to small military bases. Moving from a larger base to a smaller one can sometimes leave us feeling underwhelmed. The amenities on smaller bases are generally not as ample, and there aren’t as many organized activities for adults or families.

So what are some things you can do to make your time at a small base more enjoyable?

  • Smaller bases tend to have much tighter-knit communities than larger bases. Check to see what‚Äôs happening at your base. With the abundance of social media sites, it is easy to connect with other local spouses. ¬†Facebook groups abound ‚Äì you‚Äôre sure to find a group there.
  • Join a group or club that participates in the activities you enjoy, both on and off base. Look for something that sparks your interest such as a spouse group, book club, hiking club, or any other activity you enjoy.
  • Get out and explore the surrounding area!¬† Take a look a look around to see what is in your new community, nearby and within driving distance. Take advantage of the opportunities to see and do something new.
  • Volunteer! Volunteers are always needed, wherever you may be. If you have children, how about volunteering to their school?¬† The Red Cross is always looking for volunteers. Share your skills while helping others!
  • Take some time to better yourself. Perhaps you‚Äôd like to go back to school or learn a new skill? Maybe you‚Äôd like to get in better shape, or learn to make more fresh, homemade meals? Being at a small base give you ample opportunity to accomplish your goals.

While small military bases do have some disadvantages, there are plenty of ways to enhance your time there. Remember, “Home is where the military sends us!” Make the most of your time while at a small military base, and it may just end up being one of your favorite duty stations!

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