Hit The Road, Save Money

Save money on your next family trip.

Save money on your next family trip.

Many of us are getting ready to hit the road for a long-awaited vacation or a perhaps an exciting PCS. Or perhaps you’re moving to the middle of nowhere (sorry!). No matter where you’re going, if you’re like many military families, no matter what your reason is for traveling, it’s is a great time to squeeze in some fun.

If you’re PCSing, you’ll get reimbursed for travel expenses, but everyone wants the best bang for their buck and a great experience for their family along the way. If you go into your next vacation or cross-country road trip with a little inside knowledge into military friendly lodging and recreation discounts, you can stretch your dollars and enjoy yourself. Who knows, maybe your painful car trip will be transformed into one of the best trips your family can remember.

Rule Number One: Don’t forget to ask for a discount!

This is the number one rule, because even if you think you’ve secured the best military-friendly deal ahead of time, talking to an actual person can help you ensure you have the best discount you’re entitled to. You can also ask around for referrals to a military-friendly travel agency, as they sometimes can also hook you up with special deals. This same tip applies to everything you do – parks, restaurants, museums, local ice cream shops – everything. You’ll be surprised how 10 percent here and there will quickly add up.

The MWR is There to Help You

Each branch of the armed services has its own website and there are also usually base-specific sites that list deals for lodging, recreation and more in the areas you’ll be visiting.

Marine Corps’ MCCS
Navy MWR
Army MWR
Air Force MWR

Military Lodging

Learn the ins and outs of Military Lodging – you might be able to take advantage of what’s at your fingertips. See our previous post on this topic.

Have you Heard of the ITT?

The Information, Tickets and Travel Offices sell tickets for events, amusement parks, concerts, events and more. It’s always worth it to stop in to see if you can score some discounts for something on your agenda.

ITT Offices

 More Helpful Links

Armed Forces Vacation Club

Free admission to Busch Gardens, Sea World, Water Country USA, and Adventure Island

Space A Travel

Free admission to National Parks

Free admission to attractions through Blue Star Museums

Operation We Are Here

Get discounts at Disney



Happy Travels!


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