Home and Rental Ownership: Projects, Projects, Projects

HomeZada provides a method for tracking home projects, inventory, contacts and more.

HomeZada provides a method for tracking home projects, inventory, contacts and more.

There always seems to be a wish list of projects to improve the home. This may be especially true if your beloved house has served as “home” to a parade of renters while your own family moves around.

The second bathroom that really needs a remodel.  Or that deck outside that would make the yard so much better.  Maybe some garage cabinets for more storage space.  Or maybe just some new floors in a certain room.

Most people don’t have a system in place to budget and plan for these kinds of projects.  HomeZada.com now provides a simple online application to easily manage all the home projects inside and outside of your home.  The system comes with a library of over 50 common home projects that automatically include all the items that you need to budget and shop for.

Homeowners usually have a long list of these “wish list projects”, but most people cannot afford to do them all at once.  So the simple cash flow planning chart of HomeZada helps homeowners budget for all these projects in one place, and then you can plan them out over months or years.

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For those medium to larger projects, there are usually multiple items to buy such as a bathroom remodel that includes the tub, the sink, the faucet, the toilet, the cabinet, the tile, the lights and more.  HomeZada allows people to research online for these items at any ecommerce site, and then save multiple choices for each item.  Then you can compare what you like versus what you can afford for all the items together in a project.

Whether you hire a contractor or do these projects yourself, HomeZada helps keep track of all the receipts, contracts, warranties, and the before and after photos for your records.  Check out HomeZada or the specific page on home improvement projects.

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