Home-Based Business Week

Investing in childcare while working from home can make or break a home-based business venture.

Investing in childcare while working from home can make or break a home-based business venture.

Did you know the first week of October is National Home-Based Business Week? If you own a home-based business, you’re in good company! There are approximately 20 million small business owners who work from their homes.

Working from Home is Hard Work!

At SargesList, we know first-hand that working from home is still work, as our staff is all over the country. One of the most difficult aspects of our jobs is learning how to draw the line between home life and work responsibilities. While it’s extremely convenient to have your desk five feet from the kitchen table, it also can make it seem like you never really get away.

Many of us have spouses in the military, and it’s wonderful to be able to work around PCSing and crazy schedules. However, it can be difficult for our significant others to understand how fragmented our work day must be in order to truly succeed and avoid extreme frustration.

Can You Justify Childcare While You’re at Home?

Childcare can also be difficult to rationalize for the parent who is working from home, but it’s also one of the best gifts an home-based entrepreneur can give themselves as they become established and develop a strong foothold in their market. While military spouses are fantastic multi-taskers, you can only truly do so much with a baby on your hip.

Even the occasional help can make or break a home-business situation. A couple hours of focus can often translate into great success and give a work at home parent a much-needed break.

The free, government-sponsored Sittercity Military Program affords a great benefit to entrepreneurs who need occasional or regular support. You can use the service to find help around the home, whether your need be housekeeping, babysitting, tutoring, pet sitting or something else. Users can also feel confidant in their decisions, as the safe, proven databases provide access to caretakers who can fit your family’s unique needs.

When those last-minute sales calls or opportunities arise, it can be so important to maintain professionalism and SitterCity’s option to post last-minute jobs can be a lifesaver.¬† You can find someone quickly and even ensure they‚Äôre referenced and background checked before throwing on your suit, brushing your hair and running out the door.

Military families can active a free membership at www.sittercity.com/DoD.

Learn how to use the Sittercity Military Program.

SargesList has covered portable careers extensively, covering topics like employment flexibility, resume building, blogging, crafting and time management. We love working from home and design our services especially to support you. There are many ways SargesList can help you grow your business for free. Listings are free, and a great way to get plugged into your military community, network and sell.



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