Hotels, Motels and Campgrounds

Camping can be a great way to explore the country.

Camping can be a great way to explore the country.

If you’re a member of a military family, you’re very likely to count yourselves among those of us planning summer travel. Whether you’re working out the last minute details of a PCS , your family is doing a road trip to visit family, or you’re exploring the wide area around your current duty station, you’re going to have to consider accommodations.

Hotels, Motels or Camping?

Before we visit the wide variety of resources available to you, remember the first rule of looking for a good price is asking for a military discount! Even if you’ve already secured a good deal via one of the many discount Web sites, it’s always worth asking. This is the case for hotels, motels, campgrounds, food – just about anything.

Choosing a hotel, motel or campground should be mostly based in preference for type of accomodations and only partially based in cost. If you or someone in¬† your family hate camping, it’s usually not worth it to save money. Usually (by using online resources and asking for discounts) you can usually shop around and get a good deal on some indoor accommodations. However, if you love camping, here are a few places to get you started in your route planning:

MWR RV Rentals

Space-A Trip Planning

Camping on Federal Land

Search for a Campground

Search by State

Search for Camping plus Easy Hunting and Fishing Licensing

Military Recreation Facility Search

Don’t forget your Branch MWR for ideas, loner equipment, lodging options and more



Marine Corps

Coast Guard

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