House Staging 101

Staging a home can be intimidating - but it's worth the time and effort.

Staging a home can be intimidating – but it’s worth the time and effort.

Staging your home before welcoming shoppers can be extremely intimidating. The process can be even more difficult for military families who often haven’t had as much time to settle in or add personal touches. Also, with PCS dates being inflexible at best, you might not always have all the time and resources you need to get your home staged perfectly.

What are your options for staging your home?

  1. If the moving truck will be picking up your items before your house sells, you might not have a choice and be forced to show it empty.
  2. Some families who have a lot on the line will occasionally keep a few key items in the home and then move them via partial DITY move.
  3. There’s also option number three: hire a professional to stage your home if you have the money. Many staging companies claim professionally staged homes sell for more, which offsets the cost of hiring them.

The choice is of yours of course, but if you decide to give it a go, we’re here to help.

Here are some expert tips to get you started:

  • Clean, clean, clean! It’s tough, we know.¬† Especially if you have children or pets, but it can be hard for some shoppers to see through grime or pet hair. Bathrooms that look anything other than immaculate are also raise red flags to shoppers, as they can suggest plumbing issues or other problems. If a bathroom, mudroom or children’s bedroom has seen heavy use, it’s always worth the fresh coat of paint.
  • Cut the clutter. Again, it can be tough especially if you’re on the way out the door. But it’s very important! Clutter, especially in a smaller space, can really reduce the appearance of your home’s true square footage.
  • Make sure bedrooms – especially the master bedroom – looks gender-neutral.¬† It has to appeal to more than one type of buyer.
  • Be smart with your furniture groupings. One expert notes it’s a common misconception that rooms appear larger if the furniture is pushed against the walls, but this isn’t necessarily true.¬† Floating furniture away from walls, and groupings sofas and chairs, and placing pieces together creates an obvious traffic flow.
  • Don’t forget the yard! It’s your home’s first impression. This may mean hiring a landscaper or giving the kids a rake on your budget, and either is fine, but don’t let it go.
  • Let in plenty of light. Open blinds and pull back curtains. If a room is dark, adding a light fixture or two will pay off in dividends.
  • Need more tips? HGTV has a great checklist.

Good luck with your move!


Don’t forget to take fantastic pictures!

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