Housing Talk @ Fort Campbell, KY

By Dakota Hubbard, Fort Campbell Real Estate Agent and SargesList Local Expert

Fort Campbell Community

Fort Campbell's 101st Division HQ

101st Division HQ

Austin Peay State University

Austin Peay State University

Fort Campbell sits on the Kentucky/Tennessee border just 45 minutes north of Nashville. With over 2/3 of the installation on the Tennessee side of the border, Fort Campbell retains its Kentucky designation solely because of the location of the post office. Clarksville, TN is the main town outside of post and a large military town. It stretches from the state line south. Oak Grove, KY is the extension of Clarksville into Kentucky. Hopkinsville, KY lies just a few minutes to the north of post and is also a popular town for military residents.

Clarksville is the most popular and largest town outside of Fort Campbell for a number of reasons. One big perk is the tax savings that can be realized living and working in Tennessee. With no income tax and a relatively low property tax, the Clarksville side of the border often sees more business and residents. Being active duty military, you can purchase vehicles tax free on both sides of the border. So if a new vehicle is in your future, it may pay to wait until you arrive at Fort Campbell.

Austin Peay State University, also based in Clarksville, is also a large contributor to the local community. As a public university, it is the fastest growing public university in Tennessee. It has maintained the same downtown campus center for 180 years and is a cornerstone of Clarksville. They now have a campus center on Fort Campbell where they offer bachelor’s and master’s programs for active servicemembers, veterans, and civilians.

The Weather

During the summer, the highs generally rest in the mid to upper 90’s during July and August, with several days topping 100. The winters are usually variable, ranging from mild days in the 50’s to days of 3-4 inches of snow. There is usually never very much accumulation, but 3 inches of snow on the ground should not be too surprising.

The Local Housing Market

Military families own a large number of homes in Clarksville. As a rapid deployment post, types and availability of rental homes can vary with the comings and goings of troops. Rentals have been known to go off the market within hours of being listed, which can make it difficult for Soldiers PCSing in to find a rental they like before arriving.

It is a great time to buy a home around Fort Campbell as inventories are relatively high. There are great deals to be had here if you are ready to make that step. That doesn’t mean that it’s all bad news for sellers either. A good agent and some minor updating can get your home sold relatively painlessly.

The Neighborhoods

Outside the Gates:

Tiny Town Rd., Peacher’s Mill Rd., 101st Airborne Div. Parkway: These are the main roads that separate Fort Campbell from downtown area and main shopping destinations. So this is, understandably, a very desirable area for military families. Even now there are some very desirable homes, both new and existing, for families to call home. This is a relatively large area and you can find homes ranging anywhere from $80,000 -300,000+. New homes generally start off at about $150,000.


This is another popular area just south of Clarksville where some very nice (and expensive) homes can be found. Although some homes can be found in the mid $100,000 price range, the sky is the limit on what can be found in this area. Much of the military families in this area use I-24 to commute to and from Fort Campbell. This is a great area for families where one spouse works on Fort Campbell and the other in Nashville.


As with many towns and cities, as you get closer to downtown, you begin to run into homes that have an older charm to them. You can still find some very nice homes in this area that have been renovated. Just outside the city center, there are some very nice homes built in the late 1800’s that are worth visiting for those with a historical sense of appeal.


This area is located outside gate 10, just west of Clarksville. Although it remains close to post, this area has a country feel to it as it is a few minutes drive away from Clarksville. Buyers that are accustomed to the niceties of nature will find this area very appealing. The homes in this area vary widely in price and features as building restrictions are more lax in rural areas.

About Dakota: He has seen the military from almost every angle imaginable. He  spent 7 years in the Infantry, 2 of which was spent being dual military. Now, an Army spouse he recently welcomed back his loved one from deployment. This unique experience gives Dakota insight to some of the challenges families face in the military.

Dakota takes pride in helping members of the military find homes that fit their needs, wants, budget and unique lifestyle. Likewise, if you are leaving the area, he will do everything in his power to get your home sold to make your transition out as easy and painless as possible.

Have any questions? You can reach him anytime at (931) 802-0222, find Fort Campbell Homes for Sale at dakotahubbard.com or follow his blog at clarksvillerealestate.blogspot.com. Follow him on Twitter @dakotahubbard.

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