Housing Talk @ Fort Carson, Colorado

by SargesList Fort Carson Expert, Susanna Haynie, Active Duty Military Spouse and Real Estate Agent

Colorado Springs is a big military town. There is Schriever AFB to the East, outside Colorado Springs and Peterson AFB, which is still located east, closer to town. Fort Carson lies South of Colorado Springs and USAF Academy to the North. The changing real estate market has left its mark on Colorado Springs, but the always existing demand for real estate, due to the military, has not driven the city into the dire situations that you might find other parts of the country.

Colorado Springs is a great city to live in and bring a family to. Temperatures and weather vary more in the northern part of Colorado Springs, compared to the ‘banana belt’ around Fort Carson . While there you still might get snow, the north always seems to get a stronger dose of whatever the south has.

In the summer you will have a couple months of low to mid 90’s – July and August, usually. A swamp cooler is probably sufficient. In fact, we don’t have A/C in our house. The evenings cool off nicely. Don’t be afraid of the winter time, but 4WD vehicle is a good thing to have.

Fort Carson

As you can imagine there is a lot of military-family owned housing in Colorado Springs. Fort Carson has absorbed a lot of the troops that are affected by the BRAC closures over the past few years resulting in finally a new sports complex and a new commissary. With a total growth of 15,000 troops in the past four years things have changed. The new troops make rentals a bit more scarce than I would like to see in our market. The Colorado Springs average home price in June 2011 (according to Rich Laden of gazette.com) is at $185,000 (varies per neighborhood). It is encouraging for home sellers that the amount of houses available for sale has dropped which means less inventory and most likely higher prices for homes that are on the market.

What’s important to know:

Renters: Rentals are going quick.

Buyers: It’s a great time to buy as prices even in high season has dropped. You could get an even greater value if you can see past a dirty carpets and off colored walls.
Sellers: Don’t be discouraged. A good agent, some updating in your house could do the trick.

Neighborhoods directly around Fort Carson

Westside: “On the hill” everything is a ‘bit’ more expensive. It’ a very nice area and has always been an area for elite priced homes. If you shop well, this is a great area to buy but also a VERY expensive area. In the newer parts of this Cheyenne Mountain/Broadmoor area you will plunk down no less than $350,000 for a home and the sky is the limit. The older section has lower prices and are closer to junior high school and high school. Rents vary but start at around $1,600 in the news area, as low as $900 in the older sections.

Right outside, North of Fort Carson:
Cheyenne Meadows area. Lots of houses available starting in the high $100’s. It’s a well kept area and conveniently located right outside making it a quick commute to work. Rents start around $1,000 to $1,600.

East of Fort Carson :
Widefield, Security, Fountain – There are a lot of cute and new subdivisions that are very similar to that of Cheyenne Meadows but less expensive, maybe mid 100’s. Subdivisions are also quite close if you choose East entrance onto Fort Carson. Rentals can be less expensive. Seems like those neighborhoods have not been quite discovered by our military families, that seek a family friendly environment with rural feel but an urban touch – close by.

Big traffic flows on I-25 on a north-south corridor, making even the subdivisions north a valid option for rental or home purchase. In the last few years urban traffic has re-located to Powers Blvd, where you will also find most of Colorado Springs retailers i.e. Costco, Target, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Walmart, many more. If you like this area you will have quite a great choice in homes as the eastern expansion of Colorado Springs has made lots of housing available. Convenient access to services on Peterson AFB -maybe instead of Fort Carson– has made this area a great, military-connected place to live.

About SargesList Fort Carson Expert, Susanna Haynie:

I have been married and with the military for 19 years. This time allowed me to get intimately familiar with the needs of a military family. We have moved so many times, across the nation and internationally. We have three children, including one child with special needs which gives me a unique understanding of what lies ahead when you move to a new destination.

Call me, if you have any questions about housing on and off post or just general questions about the area. I’ll be happy to share what I know! After living here for seven years I have learned my way around.

Your home is your castle. My job is it to get you into this castle quickly, inexpensively and ‘pain-free’. If you are leaving this area, I know, that the pressure is equally heavy to get your current house sold so that you can move on with your [military] life.

Either way, I will be happy to discuss your current situation with you and guide you through the real estate jungle. Reach me any time at 719 321 0800 Susanna Haynie with springspreferredrealty.com

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