30 Documents You Should Always Carry When You PCS

Picture this: You are PCSing from Washington to Hawaii. You arrive and start the 8 crucial PCS check in requirements for Hawaii only to find out you packed your title and registration paperwork with your HHG shipment! Now you are stuck waiting for up to two months to get your car out of the shipping lot. All that is standing in the way of you and your vehicle is a little piece of paper slowly sailing on the open ocean.

Add this to your PCS Checklist! Don’t let paper get in your way. Always hand carry the following documents.

PCS Documents

  1. 10 copies of your orders
  2. Household goods shipping and storage documents – GBL numbers
  3. Sponsorship information

Vehicle Documents

  1. Vehicle titles or lien forms
  2. Vehicle registrations
  3. Vehicle no-fault insurance policies
  4. Drivers License with two copies

Family Documents

  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Birth certificates of family members
  3. Adoption papers
  4. Divorce or annulment papers of any previous marriages
  5. Citizenship papers
  6. Passports
  7. Children’s report cards
  8. Child custody documents
  9. Armed Forces identification cards
  10. Wills

Medical Documents

  1. Medical records
  2. Vaccination cards
  3. Dental records

Financial Documents

  1. 1 Checkbook
  2. List of bills with mailing envelopes due during the time you move
  3. Copy of application for allotment (if any)
  4. Latest tax forms
What about you? Do you have any tip for important documents to always hand carry? Tell us below on Facebook!
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