Is it too early to start holiday planning?

With the holidays a few months out, it may seem too early to start holiday planning.  We still have to get the kids back to school soon and savor the last bit of summer as the hot nights sink to cool crisp fall air.  Don’t go into panic mode when the holidays start to steam roll in!  This is the perfect time to start scouting out holiday wish lists, deals and ideas!


Holiday Travel

Whether you are planning to stay home for the holidays, travel to be with family or open up your home to those who can’t be home with family, let SargesList help!  If you need to get from point A to B to celebrate with loved ones, don’t forget to check out Armed Forces Vacation Club and ITT for travel deals.  Are you staying put for the holidays, but planning to extend invitations to those who cannot travel home to their families?  If so, don’t forget to check out Outdoor Recreation for party rental supplies (also featured last month).  Outdoor Rec can reserve tables, chairs and even food prep items so you can comfortably “feed an army”!


Holiday Shopping

Once you have warmed up to the idea of starting holiday planning, let’s talk shopping!  There are plenty of Back to School deals out there to cover electronics, clothes and housewares that should help you check a few items off your shopping list!  Many national stores offer military discounts throughout the year that will help you with your holiday shopping, without breaking the bank.  As much as I love going to brick and mortar stores for my shopping, a little pre-planning on the internet can send me to the right stores with the best price and save lots of unnecessary shopping trips.  In some cases, you may find a better online price but can still pick the item upchart_accept in-store using that deal.

Remember those “Christmas Club” accounts? ¬†Well, Navy Federal Credit Union offers a similar account, called SaveFirst¬†that you can open at anytime. ¬†Setup a direct deposit or transfer to fund this account automatically each month and before you know it, your holiday planning just got a little bit less stressful.

Holiday Gifts

holiday-christmas-gift-present-planner-printable-4Knitting scarves in the summer?  If you’ve been wanting to let your artistic talents fly this holiday season, why not start early?  Handmade items can be thoughtful and personalized and when started with enough lead time, fun for the person making them too!  Grab your ideas, supplies and creativity!  You have a few months to really wow them this year!  Shadow boxes, knitted accessories, scrapbooks, handmade ornaments, whatever you want to try your hand at!  Best of all, if it doesn’t turn out just right you still have time to fix it or do a little store-bought shopping!

The holidays may seem far off, but with a little planning now you can take the stress out of it, enjoy the holidays as they approach and be pennywise at the same time!

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