Its National Nutrition Month!

National Nutrition MonthMany of you may not know this, but March is National Nutrition Month. This year, the theme is Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right!  There are many ways to be healthy and enjoy the flavors of the food.  We have put together our list of top 5 ways that you can celebrate this month!

1. Explore the Farmers Market!

The local Farmers Market is a great place to find healthy, local, and organic foods at a affordable price.  It is also a great place to have a family outing!  The Farmers Market provides the family an opportunity to get outside, explore new foods, and meet others in the community.  Find a farmers market near you at Local Harvest!

2. Enjoy the Colors!

Food comes in many different forms, colors, and sizes.  When in the produce section, explore the different colors.  Each one has its own benefits that is unique to that plant.  Did you know broccoli contains calcium, and that mushrooms contain vitamin d?  To learn more about what each color provides, check out the Fruit and Veggie Color List.

3. Look at Alternatives!

How can we eat healthy and still enjoy the foods we like, such as ice cream?  There are alternatives to every item you are putting on your plate, and every taste you are craving.  A delicious alternative to Vanilla Ice Cream, and a perfect base for other flavors is ice cream made from frozen bananas, ice, milk (non-dairy or dairy)and vanilla extract.  Simple, and scrumptious.  Check out the recipe at Forks Over Knives.

4. Get Outside!

The Farmers Market is outside, but there is so much more!  Have a picnic with the family, enjoy the sunlight.  A family hike is a wonderful way to spend time together while becoming healthier together.

5. Cook from the Heart!

Cooking from the home is cooking from the heart.¬† Schedules are full, everyone is busy, write on the schedule “Family Dinner Night” once a week.¬† Gather the family and cook dinner together!¬† Assign everyone a task, and enjoy!

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