ITT and You!

ITTAs the wife of a Solider and daughter of a former Airman, a large portion of my vocabulary is made up of acronyms. So what’s the ITT thing? Information, Ticket and Tours (ITT) provides you access to local attractions, entertainment and also travel opportunities at a reduced rate. Maps and brochures for local hot spots are available and are great items to pick up when in processing at your new duty station. In addition to stopping by the local ITT office, sign up to be part of the email list for even more promotions, special events and tour deals. Look for their social media pages to stay up-to-date with new deals and programs being offered. Discounts are also available for national attractions like Busch Gardens, Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Longing to see somewhere far from your duty station? Check out ITT for hotels, rental cars, and even cruise deals! Winter will be here before we know it, so start planning your warm weather get away now! In the meantime, soak up all the summer has left to offer by seeing what attractions and entertainment are nearby.


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