Life at a Large Military Base

largebaseMost large military bases are like a self-contained city.  With so much to offer, you might not feel the need to leave base very often.  With the large size comes a few disadvantages, such as traffic, but the advantages far outweigh the bad.

For shoppers, its not uncommon to see multiple, well-stocked exchanges and commissaries. The larger exchanges tend to have more small shops, kiosks, and bigger food courts in the corridors than smaller exchanges. If you’re a coffee drinker, many large posts have at least one Starbucks.

One common complaint from newcomers is they have a hard time meeting new friends. This does tend to be a little more difficult than at a small base, but there are so many activities to do with and without kids, that once you get out there and start participating in the things you enjoy, it is easy to meet like-minded friends.

We’ve listed a few of the many common amenities below, but encourage you to do a little research to see what your particular base offers:

  • If you‚Äôre into recreation, you‚Äôll find multiple free gyms (some with childcare), and some installations actually have spas where you can get a massage! ¬†If outdoor recreation is what you‚Äôre into, many installations have an outdoor recreation programs that hosts a variety of activities as well as providing rental gear for your outings. You will find intramural sports programs as well. Don‚Äôt be surprised to see horse riding stables, paint ball courses, golf courses, running and walking trails, swimming pools (both indoor and out), bowling alleys, movie theaters, ice skating rinks, miniature golf, water parks, and much more!
  • Groups and Clubs ‚Äì at a large base, you can find just about any type of group or club that meets your fancy. Spouses clubs, book clubs, moms groups, playgroups, wine clubs, Bunco groups, etc. You name it, and you likely find it at a large base.
  • Family activities are abundant. Holidays are celebrated with a variety of festivals and fairs, including holiday tree lighting celebrations, Valentine‚Äôs Day dances, Easter egg hunts, Fourth of July fireworks etc. and there are plenty of other activities to enjoy between the holidays.

Whether you chose to live on base or off, you’ll be sure to enjoy many of the amenities that a large base has to offer.

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