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Story 1
Neither of us was looking for a relationship, of course.¬† We also lived 2 hours apart.¬† My sister dragged me to a singles party so that she would have moral support, so I drove an hour to keep her company.¬† At the same time, he was driving an hour to stand by his friend who wanted to attend.¬† We saw each other across the parking lot before we even went inside.¬† And the rest, as they say, is history…

Story 2
It was on the 21st of December 2008 and Taylor and I had just arrived in Texas the day before to spend the holidays with his family. That evening, Taylor took me to this wonderfully romantic steak diner and then to see the Twilight movie which I had been dying to see. The whole time he kept asking questions like if I could really love and stay with a soldier who wasn’t always going to be there when I needed him. I kept assuring him that it would never stop me from loving him and that I could handle it because of how much I wanted to be with him. Then he took me home to his house and asked me to put on my favorite little black dress and when I came out of our room, he was standing there wearing a suit and smiling so sweetly at me. When he opened the front door, I thought it was raining, but after walking outside, I realized that only his front yard was getting rained on. He had hooked the hose up to the roof of his house to fake the rain. Then he sat me down on a little bench in front of his house and I knew what he was doing. He was reenacting the first time we kissed in the rain and realized we wanted to spend forever together. Then he got down on one knee and said, “I know I may not always be able to be there when you want me to, and I know I may not always be able to give you everything you want, but know that you will always have my heart no matter where I am.” and then he pulled out the most gorgeous ring ever, a white gold band with a diamond that once belonged to his grandmother, and asked me to marry him. To which I of course said yes. He put the ring on my finger and we shared our first engaged kiss in the “rain”. His mom and dad had been hiding behind some trees and took pictures so we’d always have the memories. Then we all went inside for a champagne toast to celebrate. It was without a doubt one of the best days of my life.

Story 3
Believe it or not I met my husband through my ex husband.¬† I was so angry trying to move out and pack my uhaul by myself and I yelled at him(the ex) and I asked him if I bought beer and pizza could he find some privates to help me pack my uhaul.¬† By this time I had filed my divorce papers and just wanted to leave as soon as possible.¬† And later that afternoon in walks the man of my dreams.¬† He was funny with an amazing sense of humor.¬† He had a smile that still knocks me to the ground and his heart was pure you could tell immediately.¬† I found myself trying to take my time to pack because I wanted to get to know him.¬† The next day I took the keys to my uhaul and drove away.¬† We kept in touch and become best friends.¬† I would come and visit him and just hang out.¬† He was the most amazing person I had every met.¬† I moved back into town and fell head over heels in love with him.¬† But because he is three years younger than I am he was a little skeptical about moving forward.¬† I got an amazing job offer in florida and moved again.¬† Whereas we kept in touch all the time.¬† Six months later I called him up one day after thinking of him all night and told him I loved him.¬† He responded with “umm I will call you back”¬† and calls a month later.¬† He asked to come visit me in florida and came every weekend til right before he deployed.¬† The weekend before he deployed his dad decided to come and visit and so he told me he couldn’t come down.¬† He stayed on the phone all weekend with me and his dad Im sure was a little perturbed looked at him and asked “Are you in love with her or something” he responded with “yeah I think I am” and we’ve been together every since.

Story 4
I was a junior in High School and we were building our class float for the Homecoming Parade at my friend, Erica’s house. Her boyfriend had brought a friend along with him when he stopped by to see how our float was coming along. His friend was very handsome but seemed like a player to me. We enjoyed talking with each other that night and he made me laugh. I never thought I’d see him again so I didn’t even pay attention to his name. That next day at school Erica ran up to me and said “Remember that guy last night? When you left, he told all of us that he was going to marry you!” My response was laughter and “Whatever”. Every night that week, he stopped in while I was there and every visit I thought more and more highly of him. Long story short, we’ve now been married for 16 years! One day I’d love to buy the house where we met, anytime we pass it I tell our kids “There’s where your Daddy met the love of his life!”

Story 5
My husband and I met at church when he came home from the Navy. There was instantly a spark that turned into a lasting flame in a few months. For the next Valentine’s Day, I led him on a scavenger hunt full of hand crafted hearts with clever clues to the next location. At the end, I was waiting at our favorite pond. We spent the next Christmas at my favorite place in the whole world..my grandparents! Jeffrey woke me up a the crack of dawn and we walked down to the quaint town park. ¬†We stood on a rock bridge over the pond and watched the sun rise together. ¬†I turned around to see Jeffrey down on one knee holding a ring. ¬†I, like most, was in complete shock! ¬†I was surprised because we had already talked about wanting to marry each other, but waiting for financial reasons. ¬†That was his plan all along though… so I wouldn’t catch him! ¬†My family already knew and were waiting with smiles on at the door for our return. ¬†We married 1 1/2 years later and we are more in love than ever. ¬†We have been through more than our fair share of ups and downs in our young lives (3kids, lots of loss, a deployment and another around the corner). ¬†However, we know that everything that has happened has helped us adapt and forced us to be completely honest with ourselves and each other. ¬†We have a bond that time and distance can test, but not break apart. ¬†I love him beyond words and I thank God that He put us together and keeps us together!

Story 6
I met my husband in high school, he had already signed up for the Marine Corps and was leaving right after he graduated.¬† We planned that after bootcamp I would go with him, well that didn’t happen, he broke up with me and completely broke my heart!¬† This was in 1999.¬† In 2003 out of the blue I get a letter in the mail from him.¬† I tried to write him back but his rank, address and all the information on the letter was outdated seeing how the letter was dated back in 1999.¬† How I just got this letter I will never know.¬† When I recieved the letter I felt that was a sign to try my hardest to find him and make contact.¬† I looked up his mother and brother.¬† I went to thier home knocked on the door but no one was there.¬† So I wrote a letter and¬† just left all of my information in this letter and prayed that they would pass it on to him.¬† Needless to say I recieved that phone call just days later!¬† I was so excited.¬† We talked for a bit and he told me that he would call me back soon.¬† The next time I heard from his was several months later around Christmas time.¬† We talked again, getting to know each other after several years of not speaking, during this conversation he also told me about his upcoming deployment to South Korea for a year, this was in 2005 that he was leaving.¬† He said that he would call me from there the next time I heard from him.¬† The next phone call I got was on my birthday in March!¬† Yes, he remembered my birthday, and he was overseas!¬† In April on the 6th 2005,¬† we decided that we were going to be together again.¬† I was in Indianapolis and he was stationed out of North Carolina.¬† On his first leave in the summer of 2005 he flew in to North Carolina from South Korea.¬† I drove down to pick him up and meet him after 6 years of not seeing him!¬† I have never felt so many butterflies in all my life waiting in that airport for him.¬† It was amazing!¬† He spent several weeks with me and the flew back to South Korea.¬† This was so hard for me seeing how I just got him back, and now he is leaving me all over again.¬† He pretty much had to pull away from his crying girlfriend and get on his plane.¬† A few more month passes by and he was back on leave again.¬† Everything went so well, and we were still very much in love!¬† The second leave was a little easier for me to handle and see him go.¬† Pretty much right when he got back to South Korea, he called to tell me he was safe and to talk for a bit.¬† In this conversation he told me when he got home we were getting married!¬† I was so happy and just filled with so much love for him.¬† He sent me a key to his house in North Carolina and my daughter and I moved down there from Indianpolis.¬† When he got home, a few months passed and we got married!¬† May of 2006 we were together for life!¬† Later that year we had our first child, a baby girl.¬† In 2008 we got stationed at our second duty station together. In 2010, we had our second child, a baby boy.¬† Now here it is 2012 and we have our third child on the way, and been married for 6 years in May!¬† Living this military life has been rough at times, but we have made it through.¬† It has been so worth it considering I am with the only man I can ever see my self with.

Story 7
My husband and I met when he was 13 and I was 14.  We have been together ever since!  He is deployed overseas and we have 2 year old twins at home.  We have had our our marraige tested, but we are an ARMY STRONG family.  I am ready for us to be together again soon!



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