Managing Children and Command Holiday Parties

Coordinating Childcare and Command Holiday Parties

Coordinating Childcare and Command Holiday Parties

Whether your command’s holiday party is an adult-only function, or the whole family is invited, you’ll have to think about making arrangements for your children.

Managing Children at “Family Friendly” Holiday Parties

Family friendly command holiday parties are preferred by many military families, as it eases the burden of paying a sitter and the abundant noise, distraction and commotion eliminates any possibility of tension among the adults.

A few of our tried and true tips will help you and your kids enjoy your time and reduce the possibility of meltdowns.

  • Family friendly parties almost always are full of fun for the kids, but if for some reason they’re not (and you have any say in the planning) suggest that some holiday activities for kids be available. Elves and Santas, coloring, bounce houses, banner-making, cookie decorating, stocking and ornament making are all hits.
  • Again, if you have input into the planning, consider bringing in some outside help to keep an extra eye on the children playing. If that’s not an option, keep a close eye on your kids! Injuries aren’t fun for anyone and can create tension in the office at a later date.
  • Feed the kids before you go. There likely will be lots of treats available, and if they eat ahead of time, you stand a chance of avoiding some of the inevitable sugar and possible meltdowns.
  • Bring a change of clothes, their favorite drinks/snacks and even a quiet activity or two – these events can get a bit overwhelming and messy.
  • Enjoy!

Kids staying home?

Arranging childcare around the holidays can be very challenging. This is especially true if all your friends and acquaintances you know from the service member’s work are all going out at the same time on the same night. Not only are you less likely to have a trusted friend step in, but local sitters may get hired quickly.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to get yourself into a bind. If you find yourself needing someone to watch your kids while you’re out, don’t forget to take advantage of the free services offered by the DoD-funded, Sittercity Military Program .

Sittercity‚Äôs program can make your search for childcare quick and simple. After you active your membership, which is fully sponsored by the DOD, you can post jobs ahead of time, last-minute, or search a huge database of potential sitters’ profiles. It’s extremely easy to make an informed decision and you’ll be able to get out of the house with fewer worries.

To activate your free membership and use the service, simply register at


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