May: A Month of Celebrating the Military

Photo Credit: Jennifer Buchanan of SunshineSoul Photography and OpLove Reunited.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Buchanan of SunshineSoul Photography and OpLove Reunited.

On the heels of The Month of the Military Child, we are happy to welcome May, which hosts many beloved – and some lesser-known – holidays:

  • National Military Appreciation Month: Since 1999, when the Senate passed the resolution, May is National Military Appreciation Month. Poetically stated in the declaration, citizens of the United States were called, “in a symbol of unity, ‚Ķ to honor the current and former members of the armed forces, including those who have died in the pursuit of freedom and peace.” There is a wealth of information available at the official website for the month.
  • Public Service Recognition Week: Since 1985, Public Service Recognition Week has been celebrated during the first week of May. In 2013, it will take place May 5-11. According to the official website, the week “is time set aside to honor the men and women who serve our nation as federal, state, county and local government employees and ensure that our government is the best in the world.” PSRW also hosts special events for those who serve and their supporters.
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day: Friday May 10, 2013 will mark one of our favorite days over at SargesList! Military Spouse Appreciation Day was first celebrated in1984.
  • Mother’s Day Sunday: We realize Mothers Day isn’t just for military service members and spouses who are mothers, but we couldn’t leave it out! Mothers Day will be on May 12, 2013 and many of us will be celebrating the women who have given so much for their families and their countries in their own way.
  • Armed Forces Day: Armed Forces Day will take place in 2013 on Saturday, May 18. The holiday was created in and has taken place annually since 1949. According to, “President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country.”
  • Memorial Day: The month culminates with Memorial Day, which takes place on the last Monday in May. In 2013, Memorial Day will be on Monday, May 27. Since the Civil War, Memorial Day has been set aside to honor and remember those who have died while serving our country.

At SargesList, most of us are military spouses or veterans, so we share a strong respect and daily appreciation for the military and the lifestyle and sacrifices that accompany it. Everything we do is out of a deep sense of respect and appreciation for what our spouses, friends and fellow veterans do each day.

We’ll be following up throughout the month of May with more posts honoring some of these special events. Also, we’ll be featuring a couple of special posts for our fellow military spouses who have recently PCSed and are looking for new work.

In the meantime, please head on over to your local SargesList page and check for local May “holiday” events happening in your area. Our local SargesList representatives are great resources for military-centered information. If you know of a local event, and you don’t see it on your local SargesList page, please consider posting a free listing and sharing the knowledge! Your local community will thank you.

We love to be patriotic, and in the spirit of the Month, we’re hosting a Cute Kids Patriotic Photo Contest. Please feel free to enter or simply vote for your favorites!


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