Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2013

Photo Credit: Jennifer Buchanan at with OpLove Reunited

Photo Credit: Jennifer Buchanan at with OpLove Reunited

It’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day today! Let’s start off by saying, if you’re a military spouse, thank you for all you do do support your spouse’s career and our great country!

Most of the employees at SargesList are also military spouses so we are profoundly aware of what you go through on a day-by-day basis. It’s hard work, and the collective effort put forth by you, (as well as your supporting family and friends) is uniquely necessary to give your spouse the strength they need to do their job each and every day. We truly salute you and your sacrifices.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the Friday before Mothers Day. So, for many of us, this weekend is doubly important!

Every day at SargesList and Military Duty Stations, we are motivated to do what we do to serve you, your spouse and your family and make your life even a little bit easier.¬† We hope you find our PCS resources, classifieds, and military lifestyle information helpful and we’re always on the lookout for other great things going on.

What else can you look forward to today? Generally, the President of the United States makes an official speech and proclamation commemorating the day. Most events are local and base-specific. Some of our friends at BlueStar Families and many other non-profits are hosting chapter-specific programs.

Chances are there are some great events going on this weekend in your area celebrating you, the military spouse, and some of the other great military appreciation-themed holidays happening in May. Be sure to check your local SargesList page to see if any events are listed. If you know of one but don’t see it, please help us out and add it!¬†Even if you are a military spouse, today is a great day to thank a MilSpouse friend and remind them how important they are to their spouse’s service.

Again, we thank you for what you do. We hope you have a fantastic Military Spouse Appreciation Day! We’ll be joining you in celebration.

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