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We are smack-dab in the middle of PCS season and you are getting ready to either pack up or have just arrived at your new duty station. While your servicemember has automatic employment at your new location, spouses don’t always have it that easy. We have compiled some amazing resources to help you return to the workforce, write up your resume or¬†find some portable employment options.¬†get-a-job

The Blue Star Spouse Employment Toolkit, is a comprehensive career guide, developed exclusively for military spouses, that targets and addresses the unique employment challenges military spouses face.

Check out the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) Facebook page for tips and information on MilSpouse employment. They offer apps too!

I ran across this blog, A Semi-Delicate Balance, and found several articles with great tips:

And lastly, let’s talk about returning to the workplace. Being a stay-at-home-parent can be super rewarding but it doesn’t exactly advance your career path, unless you plan to be involved with children in some way after you decide to go back to work. As a long-term SAHM myself, I totally understand this dilemma. ¬†I am fortunate that my skills and career goals allow me to work from home writing and working remotely, which helps me keep gaps off my resume. I also do volunteer work and am involved in clubs and organizations in positions which use my skills and help me learn new ones and may eventually lead to a new career path. If you are looking at returning to the workforce soon and are worried about gaps, be honest and list your SAHP duties. ¬†Running a household successfully IS an accomplishment and can teach you many things that can be transferred to the workplace.

I wound up finding some of the best resources for addressing returning to the workforce outside the military community, surprisingly. I really enjoyed this article from that provides no-nonsense ways to get started and there are a ton of linked articles you can read to gain even more information.

When you are ready to start looking for positions, be sure to check out SargesList’s comprehensive jobs section.

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