More Than A Military Wife

I am a military wife, but guess what, I am me too!! I married my husband 7 years ago and became a military wife. Maybe I did this all too early, before I found who I truly was, but then I found out, it is never too late. As military wives we always have to put everybody before ourselves. We don’t get to pick where we live (usually), we don’t get to choose when our husband leaves for deployment, we try to schedule everything around the clock of the military and our husbands job.

I remember about two years into my marriage,while looking for support online, I read a blog from another military wife that had mentioned that a bottle of wine is sometimes our best friend at night while our husbands are away. So I thought, well okay I can do that! It took me many years and many moments of screwing up, and making bad decisions to really see that alot of what I was doing was unconciously trying to get the attention of anybody, I felt like I was put on the back burner. I matured enough to understand that you do not need to “do” anything. Look deep within ourselves, find peace, find calm, find a person who says, its okay, you are okay, this will pass.

I started a fitness business because I truly believe that it has saved my life! Not the business, but fitness itself. The way it has made me feel, the way it has helped my emotions, the way it was a release for me, a healthy release for me! And I wanted to share this with as many people as I could.

I created the 15 minute workout because I know many people need to start off little be little, and this workout really empowered me. It made me feel strong, confident and powerful! We are strong women, we are not alone and we are what holds our families together! So why not start showing that strength on the outside!

Come on ladies, I know you have got it!

Now show me, show them, show everyone!

And I know you have 15 minutes to do it!

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