Moving During Winter PCS Season

December is one of the four most common months for military families to relocate.

December is one of the four most common months for military families to relocate.

Although most people associate summertime with military family moves, the end of the year should be counted among the most common times Permanent Change of station relocations take place.

December can be a wonderful time to boost business and gin the trust of new clients. All realtors are aware of the influx of moves during, July and August, truly military-friendly realtors would be wise to not allow December to fall through their fingers. There are many families who can use assistance finding a place to live, get acquainted with a new duty station or selling/renting their property.

How can you help your clients (and your business) survive and thrive the winter slump?

SargesList’s PCS Guide is a great, free resource to pass out to your clients.

  • Listing properties for sale on SargesList is another easy tool at your disposal, because it provides an easy way to list properties, advertise open houses and help your clients lighten their loads before getting their household goods packed out.
  • Clients moving to new climates could especially use a hand, especially those relocating into the cold and those who are not accustomed to harsh climates. Items like snow shovels, ice melt and ice scrapers can make great welcome home gifts to relocating clients. This can also help to ensure paths are safe families and moving crews.
  • Remind clients to have their car fully serviced and outfitted for cold weather emergencies before hitting the road.
  • Remind clients to call their utility companies ahead of time to ensure heat is one upon arrival.
  • Now is a great time to become a SargesList Local Expert. Your clients can seriously benefit from a glut of housing on the market and more choices for sale and rental properties and you’ll have a better chance of moving inventory for current clients. By becoming a Local Expert, you’ll immediately earn a reputation as a trusted resource for military moves.


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