National Parent’s Day

National Parents Day gives families a reason to celebrate.

National Parents Day gives families a reason to celebrate.

Situated after Mother’s Day and Father’s Day each year is a lesser-known holiday that gives families everywhere a reason to celebrate. Parents Day, a holiday that was signed into law following its resolution in 1944, takes place on the fourth Sunday of every July. This year, it’s taking place this Sunday, July 28, 2013.

Parents Day was established to celebrate and recognize the immensely hard work that parents do on an everyday basis to ensure their families run smoothly. It’s also a day for parents to recognize and honor their children as well as appreciate the value of family.

Like many holidays in our culture, military families often cannot celebrate in a “normal” fashion. For families with one deployed parent or any busy military family, sometimes the best gift is allowing Mom or Dad to take much needed break from the everyday grind of being a parent. Finding a reliable sitter, tutor, or someone to help with the housework can quickly turn around an overwhelming situation and maintain peace in a family.

The Sittercity Military Program makes finding reliable help easier. Army, Marine, Navy, and Air Force families can use this free, Department of Defense-sponsored service to find babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, housekeepers, tutors and more. To get started, families can activate their membership at

Communities all over the country have begun to host various events to celebrate National Parents Day. If you know of something in your area, be sure to add it to SargesList so your local community can celebrate with you.

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