Navy Wife Navigates the Sea of Coupons

By Melissa Renahan, Writer and Military Spouse

Frugal Navy WifeWe all know that couponing is the new frontier of shopping, from TLC’s much-hyped Extreme Couponing show, to the informal coupon-clipping clubs that seem to pop up daily at military installations nationwide. Yet one military spouse has graduated to the next level and taken her show on the viral road to create a haven for deal-seekers in the social media realm.

So whether you are one of her hundreds of blog followers, or her 1300 Twitter followers or even just liked her Facebook page along with 1820 others…there‚Äôs a chance you‚Äôve heard of the Frugal Navy Wife, also known as Danielle Leonard.

Leonard and her husband, who are both from Florida originally, have been married for four years and currently reside in Frederick, Maryland. Her husband has been in the Navy for seven years and is stationed at nearby Ft. Detrick.

Just over two years ago, when Leonard found out she was pregnant she decided to focus on saving more money and making their income go further.

“I started couponing and was savings lots of money, so I began to talk about it,” she explained. “Then my friends and family began asking how I was doing it, so I started the blog to centralize the information.”

Soon after the blog’s inception, her friends and family began to pass it along and before she knew it, Frugal Navy Wife was reaching plenty of people outside of Leonard’s personal circles. Her information ranges from sales and steals to be found at local stores to the big market chains, such as Target, Rite Aid or WalMart. She will even take the time to inform her readers about especially worthwhile Groupon or Living Social deals. She has also been known to offer tips that have worked for her in the past; for instance, sending an email to a manufacturer and requesting coupons can often result in extra savings.

“A lot of people have a misconception that you have to spend six hours a day to ‘coupon’ and save money, but that’s not true,” she concluded. “I can show you ways to spend a few hours a week and still save $20 or $30 on your grocery bill each time you go. That’ll add up.”

Currently, her site is home to some advertisers and affiliate links, which has her breaking even on the fees she is charged. While she would love to turn it into a profit-making venture, she is quick to admit that she still wants to be home with the kids and that she will continue to do this as a hobby.

As for how this ‘hobby’ turned almost business helps her beyond her wallet, Leonard admitted that the blog and the entire operation can offer loads of distraction and in turn help cope with the stress that accompanies being married to the military.

“You need to find something that you enjoy doing when he isn’t home and he is off at training or deployed,” Leonard said. “For me, it is couponing and finding great deals. The way I see it, my paycheck and what I contribute to the household is the amount of money we can save each month. I think there a lot of spouses who can do the same.”

Leonard feels that SargesList is a good way to help a larger population of military wives save money.  In using SargesList, she said it was easy to use! Check out Leonard’s tips, advice and deals.

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