Need to sell a home quickly? Prep in a week!

PCS orders can come quickly - and homes have to be prepped to sell quickly.

PCS orders can come quickly – and homes have to be prepped to sell quickly.

Often times as military families, PCS orders come early or unexpectedly, which can mean plans must change rapidly.  An unwillingness or inability to rent out a house can mean that making a decision to sell may come just weeks (or days) before a listing has to hit the market.

If you’re stuck in a time crunch, you may have to strictly prioritize your preparations for sale. Worst case scenario: you might only have a week… or a weekend.

Here are the most important things to add to your list before you begin to show your property to potential buyers:

  • Get a small storage unit and get out that clutter! Closets should be half empty and, if you can manage, garages should appear spacious as well.
  • Call all your friends and pick your agent wisely! They can help you price it right to sell and make any last-minute recommendations to help you sell quickly.
  • Little improvements make a big difference: new paint on the walls that really need it; wash or buy new curtains, patch little holes, replace dingy hardware, fix obvious leaks and clean, clean, clean! You don’t want small maintenance issues to look ignored – potential clients will suspect there are larger problems lurking.
  • Make sure pets are put away and that the home doesn’t smell like pets.
  • First impressions count! Make sure the yard is tidy, and if you can afford it, get a landscaper out to do a quick clean up. If you have more than a weekend, get the family involved and mulch, weed and clean the home’s exterior.
  • Pull papers on any warranties you may have available on the home or its appliances, pest services, neighborhood newsletters – anything that will add additional appeal.
  • De-personalize. Only leave up to a third of your personal items and pictures.
  • Take good pictures when everything looks immaculate.

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