Need to Sell Your Car?

Military families often are forced to sell vehicles on short-term notice in situations outside their realm of control. Reasons are all over the map – often times it’s due to a PCS, life changes or maybe you just can’t rationalize keeping your huge truck during your tour in a city with tiny roads and no parking.

Whatever your reason, your options for selling are many: base used car lots, a simple sign taped to your window, dealers or any number of online services.

We found an excellent article on “How to Sell Your Car for the Most Money Possible” and it’s chalked full of the right tips for pricing and getting your car ready for getting the max return. When it comes down to posting, check out all your listing options. If you haven’t considered SargesList, it’s time to add it to your seller’s play book.

Why use SargesList? For starters, it’s safe, trusted and you’ll be able to work within your military community. It was created solely for military and their families and your needs are at the forefront of SargesList‘s goals. Posting a free listing with us has never been easier.

Please allow us to guide you through posting your first car (or any item) you’d like to sell.

How to Sell Your Car On SargesList.


First thing’s first: Visit SargesList. You’ll have the option of logging in with Facebook, logging in with your account information, or creating a new account.














Our super-easy one page listing form appears. It’s as simple as filling in the fields and drop-downs to describe your item for sale. Extra options will appear when you’re selling a car. You get five free images and you can even embed YouTube video. Your item can be listed locally in your community or, when appropriate, globally for more exposure.


Completed Vehicle Listing Form.

Completed Vehicle Listing Form.





Click Submit Listing! Then, confirm your location.




You’re done! You can go to your account, view your listings, print out free fliers and more. Or, even better, list even more things you need to get rid of for free with SargesList.


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More items to sell? Post a free listing on SargesList.

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