October 13th is the Navy’s Birthday!

navy sealOctober 13th is the official birthday of the Navy. Established in 1775 to fight against British sea forces, the US Navy has been an integral part of 10 major wars, countless battles, humanitarian relief efforts around the world, and protecting the seas against piracy. The Navy’s goal is to bring security, democracy, peace, and prosperity to the American people.

With the largest Navy in the world, the US Navy can be found virtually anywhere on earth depending on circumstance. Because of its global presence, the Navy is able to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief at home and internationally. It is able to provide aid to countries of any distance in their times of need, as well as stepping in to help when we need help right here at home.

To date, there are over 328,000 active duty Navy members and over 110,000 Reserve members. For more information about the Navy and a detailed timeline of the Navy’s fascinating history, click here.

Happy birthday to the Navy and thank you to all past, present, and future personnel!


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