PCS Purging, Organizing and Cleaning with SargesList!

March 2012 is all about spring cleaning and PCS purging and packing for us lucky military Purge for PCS $families that will be PCSing this year (sense the sarcasm). I was sure we had a few more years at our current duty station (I know, never count on anything in the military). Sure enough, the 52 Weeks of Organizing plan that I found over at Organizing Junkie to learn how to organize turned into 52 days. I am officially in organizing and purging overdrive and with the help of SargesList, I will be make money by selling everything online!

Organizing and Pruning to Purge

So where to start? Here is a sample of my “Divide and Conquer” plan!

Week 1 Week 2
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom 1
    • Drawers
    • Cabinets
Week 3 Week 4
  • Bathroom 2
    • Drawers
    • Cabinets
  • Office
    • Supplies
    • Books
    • Desk
Week 5 Week 6
  • Master Bedroom
    • Closet
    • My clothes
    • His civilian clothes
    • His military clothes
    • Dresser Drawers
    • Jewelry
    • Accessories
  • Bedroom 2
  • Bedroom 3
Week 7
  • Garage region 1
  • Garage region 2
  • Garage region 3
  • Garage region 4

At this pace I WILL be done before the packers come to get our overseas move rolling. They can be in and out without me having to watch them rummage through my stuff and later unpacking sharpies with the toilet paper or my scarves inside the pots when we get to Germany.

From Pruning to Purging

I am already organizing a small pile of stuff that I want to get rid of. I don’t want to keep it in storage, and it has no business going to Germany. A TON of it is useful and can be sold for good money! I’ve decided to post it all on SargesList! What I can’t sell, I can later just post as free and have people come haul it away so I don’t have to do any more work than I have to. Awesome!

Purging to Earning and Winning!!!
March 2012 PCS Purge and Play Giveaway

Lucky for me and all of you going through the exact same thing, SargesList is having a giveaway starting today!

For EVERY listing that you post, you earn 1 entry to win $120! Post a listing in an empty category and you get 10 entries!

(***frantically looking for items to post – hee hee ***)

Encourage your friends them to get rid of their stuff on SargesList too! Why bother with other sites that charge per listing or for 5 photos, or with the hassle of having a yard sale and people rummaging through your stuff?

Post on SargesList in the comfort of your own home, make some extra cash, and get entered to with the prize money!

Here are all the details to get started with Sarge’s List and the PCS Purge and Play Promotion to get you listing and earning!

Now what do I list first? I’m thinking those two old lamps, the extra television, coffee table, and bulky furniture. Can’t have bulky stuff in Europe!

What about you? How do YOU get organized? Share some of your valuable tips below in the comments! So what are you waiting for?

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