PCS Tax Deductibles

Overwhelmed this PCS SeasonTax season is upon us and while it often leads to cringing at the thought we’ve pulled together information for you on deductibles that you should be mindful of following a PCS move.   First and foremost, save all moving expense receipts.  While these may not be required at the time of filing your taxes, you must be able to show proof of expenses being claimed.  Please also keep in mind that these claimed deductions are only for expenses for which you have not been reimbursed by the military.  You may not be reimbursed dollar for dollar for these deductions, but it is worthwhile to record all applicable expenses and submit for them accordingly.

Here are some standard expenses that you may be missing, including when moving your HHG yourself!

-        Moving truck rental/ trailer rental

-        Packing material (boxes, paper, tape, marking material)

-        Fuel

-        Tolls

-        Parking cost incurred during the move

-        Also track your mileage, as this can be reimbursed pursuant to the current year’s rate

-        Applicable lodging (again, this is only what you have not been reimbursed for by your employer)

-        Airfare

-        Taxi/shuttle costs

-        Storage for items not being moved with you (please review tax laws on the specific circumstances this is allowable)

-        Moving expenses for pets (health certificates, vaccinations, quarantine, air fare, etc.)

*While we’ve done our best to ensure the accuracy of the information above, please consult with your local tax expert for additional information.Overwhelmed this PCS Season

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