Prepare for Your PCS with UShip’s eBook “Easing the Stress of Moving for Military Families”

When we get our PCS Orders, the first thing we tend to do is get as educated as possible about the gaining duty station, then we focus on the process of moving – the logistics.uship

You can never have too many resources at hand to help you. And, if you’re anything like me, you tend to overeducate yourself and absorb all the pitfalls and opportunities to be as prepared as possible.

While SargesList’s 60+ page Ultimate PCS Guide is packed full of tips, guides, offerings, worksheets and checklists, USHIP has come out with their own formidable version that is worthy of digesting and assimilating prior to your next PCS! It takes a deep dive into the specific area surrounding stress, what it does and how to deal with it head on.

Download USHIP’s new ebook “Easing the Stress of Moving Military Families PDF” or directly from the uShip website to get the following content:

“Social scientists have found that there are four stages of adjustment during a family member’s deployment: shock, distancing, sadness, and recovery.”


What moving means for military families


Sources of stress in moving


What your family is feeling during a move


The moving process for military families


Focusing on the benefits of moving frequently


Adjusting to a new home and community


Helping children find stability


Finding the support and assistance your family deserves

A number of “resiliency factors,” defined as “anything that contributes to a quick recovery from a hardship or misfortune,” have been identified that can have a positive effect on relocating families in their adaptation to deployment and relocation.”


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