Purge the Old Toys – Give Back!

Donating toys is a great way to de-clutter and teach children empathy.

Donating toys is a great way to de-clutter and teach children empathy.

Military families have many reasons for purging all sorts of items in their homes. Whether they’re moving into a smaller home, going overseas, trying to avoid overage charges on a Household Goods move or simply simplifying life, toys often have the bulls eye squarely on them for de-cluttering projects.

There are many solid arguments for purging toys, and winter is a great time of year to attempt a clean-up.

Why Purge the Toys?

You could choose to sell certain items on SargesList and make the holidays a little easier for local families to afford, while at the same time, putting a few dollars in your pocket.

There are also many organizations that are happy to take gently-used toys off your hands and you can take the valuable opportunity to explain to your children why it’s important to donate. Start by talking about children in the United States and other developing countries who live with very little, and how you can express gratitude through generosity.

Finally, if it’s cold in your climate, and you have to be inside anyway, you can make use of your time with this and other organizational projects.

Strategies for Purging Toys

  • Take everything out and put it into view.
  • Categorize toys and place items with their sets.
  • Take inventory of complete and incomplete toys.
  • Take a good, hard look at what you have and attempt to determine what your children truly love.
  • When it comes to things like stuffed animal collections, allow them to take a round robin approach, each choosing one until you’ve reached a designated number.
  • Set goals! You might want to come up with five things to sell, two bins to donate and throw away anything that is helplessly broken.
  • Limit the children’s toys to the ones they really use and enjoy. Be critical – if they haven’t used it and enjoyed it in the past six months or a year, toss it!

 Where to Take (Gently) Used Toys 

  • Check with Local Churches. Some accept toys for for nurseries or their donation centers.
  • Check local places of worship that sponsor thrift shops or branches of charities that always accept used items, like the Salvation Army or Goodwill
  • Some hospitals take gently used toys for play rooms and hospitalized children.
  • Call local daycare centers or other children’s programs.
  • Call around to local Group Homes, shelters, or other social programs.

 Tips for Ensuring your toys are worth donating



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