Revolving Cars: Selling Tips/Checklist

Nicole Leech, 15 year military spouse

Do you have the Revolving Car Lot? Through our numerous PCS moves we have bought and sold multiple cars in our almost 20 years in the Army. Newly married and moving to South Korea, we sold both our cars, and bought a junker over there. We sold that junker on the same lemon lot where we bought it, 12 months later, and then bought a new car and a used car upon our return.

Have you ever bought and sold vehicles simply due to military movements? If you are on the brink of a move, and need a change of automobiles, consider these helpful and tried and true tips for a DIY sale!

1. Have your car checked by a mechanic. Any person who’s really interested in buying will probably have their mechanic check it. If the buyer comes back with a list of things wrong they want fixed, you have something to help your negotiations. It also won’t hurt to have all the fluids topped off.

2. Collect as many maintenance records as you can on the car. It shows the buyer it’s well taken care of, and increases your chance for a sale.

3. Clean everything, and I mean everything out of the car! You won’t believe how many items can be left behind.

4. Give it a good detail job. If you can afford it, pay for. If you are doing it yourself, remember to clean the windows inside and out, clean the upholstery and carpets, and add a little new car smell. Last week’s recycling that spilled out in the back, could have left some not-so-great aromas.

5. Check sites like Kelly Bluebook or NADA for fair auto pricing. Be honest when evaluating your vehicle’s condition. The correct pricing will lead you to a faster sell.

6. Advertise, advertise, advertise. If you don’t have visibility on your car, it’s harder to sell. Even if you have opted to put your car on the local Lemon Lot, you should still post a listing on your local SargesList page. Add great pictures, or better yet a YouTube video showing the best parts of your car.

7. Why choose SargesList? It is a trusted military classified website. It has worldwide accessibility. From buying to selling you can tell that you are dealing with other military members. Keeping you safe and helping your sale.

Following these simple tips will lead you to a fast and successful sale of your vehicle. Military members are always on the move and you can be assured, while you are wanting to sell, there is another person around the corner ready to buy. Finally, while you are posting your ad, take a look at the many car listings. Finding what you are looking for maybe easier than a click of your mouse.

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