Sarge’s Picks For Veteran Friendly Companies Lists 2012

There are thousands of companies out there, though few focus solely on hiring vets, or even understand why it is important to hire vets. We did a basic search to see which companies topped the lists out there, and here are Sarge’s Picks for Vet Friendly Companies Lists for 2012.

1. Military Times Edge Employers List 2012

Why we picked it: Unique filters that show percentage of veterans hired, percentage of company run by veterans, departments for helping veterans transition, military spouse hiring opportunities, and more.

2. Gi Jobs Employers List 2012

Why we picked it: Reputation and expansiveness! Plus the list includes the percentage of veteran new hires in 2012 – unveiling each companies commitment to putting vets to work.

3. Fortune 500 Companies Hiring Vets in 2012

Why we picked it: We wanted to include a smaller list that had Fortune 500 companies looking to hire both highly trained officers and enlisted people transitioning out of the military.

4. Forbes Top Veteran Employers List 2012

Why we picked it: We wanted to provide our readers a list a companies that filtered in comparable salary rates to what service members recieved in the military. This Forbes list focuses mostly on going the “skilled-labor” route than the desk job.

5. Vet Central’s Vet Friendly Employers List 2012

Why we picked it: Shear all-inclusiveness and no filters. We don’t want to limit our information or focus on certain segments so we had to have the all encompassing, no filters list of Veteran friendly companies.

Do you like our list? Share it with friends and family getting ready to make that critical transition from military to civilian. Did we forget a list that you love? Comment below and we’ll add it!

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