Secret to Saving Money on Vacations – Military Discounts

Nicole Leech, 15 year military spouse

Are you overdue for some R&R? Vacations can be expensive and can prevent you from taking the much deserved vacation you need. So, you want a vacation but you want a steal of a deal!?

We’ve got the inside scoop. The secret to securing multiple military discounts on your next cruise or resort vacation is…¬†simple — IF you know who to ask and where to look.

Sometimes cruise lines and resorts offer special rates and discounts just for military personnel. The tricky part is knowing who, what where, and when these great military deals are being offered. They can appear in an instant: and just as quickly be taken away! And they often won’t be offered, or only revealed in some fine print.

Military families, you can save hundreds of dollars. For example:

  • Just yesterday, military spouse Melissa saved $845 off the price of the Beaches Resort vacation she booked for her family of five.
  • Last week, First Officer Mark paid $580 less than non-military for his 15-day Hawaii cruise on Celebrity Cruise line.

How’d they do it?
The single most important secret of securing the biggest military discounts off all cruise and all-inclusive resort vacations is simple: start your search at Military Resort Deals and Military Cruise Deals, and then CALL THEM to book. They will make sure you get all the discounts you’re entitled to from the cruise lines and resort, and then add their own additional military discount on top of that! Their number is 866-9-MILITARY or 866-964-5482.

Although the cruise lines and resorts will only apply their military discount to the room that contains the actual member of the military, Military Cruise/Resort Deals will apply their military discounts to rooms with ANY MILITARY FRIENDS AND FAMILY. That’s huge.

That’s how Melissa and Ted were able to save a small fortune on their next family vacations. And, you can invite family members to go with you and they’ll get the discount too!

Start your search and book your next cruise or resort vacation here: Military Cruise Deals or Military Resort Deals.

No matter where your next vacation takes you, we hope we helped save you some money and we hope you get the fun and relaxation you deserve!


P. S. What’s the best part of an all-inclusive resort vacation at Beaches or Sandals?

Some say it’s the free, unlimited premium-brand alcohol.
Some say it’s the Kid’s Camp – that keeps kids of all ages thoroughly entertained, so parents can enjoy their resort vacation too.
Some say it’s the free golfing, snorkeling and scuba diving.
Some say it’s the pristine beach front, right outside their doorstep.

What would be the best part for you? Go figure it out at –

P.S.S. The folks at Military Cruise Deals and Military Resort Deals have been in business for over 12 years, and have thousands of military folks who are repeat customers and have written glowing referrals. You can read some of those referrals here.
The point is: we trust them and you can too.

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