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You use SargesList as your “go-to spot” for housing info and various classifieds, but did you know you can also use it share your own listings? I was recently speaking with a neighbor, trying to sell their home back stateside. She felt like she had posted about her home on every social media group she could find, but wasn’t getting any nibbles. I asked her if she posted her home to SargesList yet. “I can do that?!?!?!” she asked.  The answer is YES!  SargesList real estate listings aren’t exclusively placed by realtors.

One of the best advantages to using SargesList is that you can list your items and then SHARE them everywhere.  Having a yard sale?  Post the information on SargesList, grab the link to the listing and share it on all of your local Facebook groups.  Selling items to meet your weight allowance? Use SargesList as your own online mini store!

Step 1. Create your free SargesList account at (be sure to save this link to your favorites)
Step 2. Post your listings for all of your items (don’t forget pictures).
Step 3. Click on Lister’s Other Listings on one of your listings.
Step 4. Copy and paste that link to your Facebook page.

Your free listing runs for 30 days and you can upgrade each listing for more visibility.  Our automated system will notify you when your listing is about to expire so that you can renew, as needed.

With PCS season upon us, what are you waiting for? Start shopping, start selling and tell your friends!

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