One Wife Helps in Finding Faith During Deployments, etc.

by Melissa Renahan, Writer and Military Spouse

Jocelyn Green of Faith Deployed

Author and Advocate for Military Spouses Around the World

Jocelyn Green, 33, may be the mother of two and the author of a popular book series, but she may not be the most experienced military wife; yet according to her, it doesn’t take very long to know the truth.

“My experience as an active duty military wife was just one year stationed in Homer, Alaska,” she said. “But it was enough for me to realize that military wives need support.”

Green’s husband, Rob, served in the active duty Coast Guard for six years, the Coast Guard Reserves for two years and is now part of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

She has a degree in writing and has been published in magazines, online and in corporate publications, so the leap to a book seemed likely.

“I always wanted to be an author, but until I became a military wife, I didn’t think I had anything worthwhile enough to put in a book,” she said. Her first book, Faith Deployed, had 15 contributors in addition to Green herself, and was awarded the 2010 Bronze Medal Winner for both the Military Writers Society of America national contest and the Branson Stars and Flags Awards. The contributors, most of whom she’s never met, had either contacted Green through word-of-mouth or were spouses she’d met in the course of her other jobs.

Based on the acclaim and the growing popularity of her website ( and Facebook page (, she proceeded to gather more advice, writings and guidance from even more wives, in order to put Faith Deployed…Again into print.

“The books are so much richer because of the contributions of these women, from every branch of service, active duty, reserves, national guard and retired,‚Äù Green explained. ‚ÄúWe also have a few writers who husbands served in Vietnam and are now retired, so there is a lot of wisdom packed into these small books.‚Äù

Regardless of which edition you read, the basic theme, as you might guess from the books’ titles, is religious in nature.

According to Green, the Bible has a lot to say that is incredibly relevant for military wives and she tells women to get plugged in with a church, and to cultivate their relationships with Christ by reading the Bible and seeking out other women who have been through military life challenges and have still remained strong in their faith, rather than bitter about life.

For those who are more non-religious, she has abridged recommendations.

“I would say make sure you get connected into a healthy, positive support network. If that’s not a church, get involved with your FRG group. If you don’t have one, it’s inconvenient, or that group happens to bring you down rather than lift you up, cultivate friendships with women who will walk alongside you through every stage,” advised Green. “You don’t need a pity party. You need women who will help you get a proper perspective on things.”

In fact, when she looks back on the success of Faith Deployed and Faith Deployed…Again, however, Green is eager to share the limelight with women exactly like that.

“I am grateful, but I know that none of this could have happened if I weren’t working with a wonderful team of women who contribute to the books and online community. I also am thankful for the other women who are doing a wonderful job ministering to military wives from their own platforms. The more people working to serve military wives, the better!”

What organizations have helped you in the past during deployments, transitions or re-integration?

My very best to you during times of separation or transition,
Melissa and SargesList Team

— Have a Little Faith – John Hiatt

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