Spring Cleaning is Here!

Ispring cleaningt is that time again!¬† While the snow storms and other crazy weather have you stuck indoors over the next few days, get a jump start on Spring Cleaning!¬† Now is the perfect time to finally tackle that¬† credenza that you have stuffed full with items you will “file when you get a chance.”

A few tips put together by our team will help you along the way!

1. Pile Up!

One of the best ways to get started in the spring purge is to establish an area in which you can separate the items you wish to find new home for while organizing what you would like to keep.  We recommend three piles: Donation, Yard Sale, SargesList.

2. Donate Donate Donate!

Donating items is beneficial in that it cleans your closet, but also gives back to your community.¬† Many churches, local organizations, and military organizations take donations.¬† For example, the Air Force has the Airmen’s Attic at each air base where you can donate furniture, bikes, etc to help Airmen and Air Force families in need.

3. Yard Sale!

A yard sale can be fun for the entire family!¬† Give the kids a job, such as placing the price tags on the items, or allow them to have a lemonade and cookie stand!¬† Don’t forget to post the yard sale on SargesList’s Yard Sale Page for your base, and on our Facebook page!

4. Post On SargesList!

Some items are just too big for yard sale, or to donate!  SargesList is a great place to sell many of your spring cleaning items that you have uncovered under months of throwing items in the garage!

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