Surviving Summer Deployments

Summer DeploymentOk, so the kids are out for the summer, you are ready to enjoy some beach time and then have to manage it on your own as your spouse is deployed.  Deployments are stressful, regardless of the season.  Summer can be especially hard as alternate arrangements need to be made for child care in some cases and family vacations just aren’t the same when someone isn’t there to participate.  The kids spend all year waiting for summer so here are some ways to not disappoint!

If you have vacation plans, be sure to snap some photos that can be emailed to your deployed spouse.  This will help the family feel unity despite the circumstance.  Also, consider making a “Flat Stanley” to take along.  What fun it will be as you look back on that vacation to see your loved one making appearances all over during your travels!  Find ways to have fun with it, like picking up a few decorations from your local craft store to help dress up your “Flat” for the trip (Mom loved the piña colada we found to attach to her paper hand for all of the vacations photos we put her in).

If a vacation isn’t part of your plans, consider some day trips instead.  This makes a good compromise especially for the working spouse who may be unable to keep the kids entertained during the week.  Don’t forget to check in with your Leisure Travel Service office for discounted tickets to local attractions.  Also start looking into summer camps and internships that may be of interest for the older kids.  There are some amazing opportunities out there, like NASA!  This gives the kids something to be excited about and may give you a little down time as well.  Fill up your days or plan some relaxation!  Either way, enjoy some sunshine, a break for the kids and take plenty of photos to bring a smile to your spouse from across the miles!

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