Thank You for Protecting Our Freedoms

Thanks-VetsMay 2016 is Military Appreciation Month and though this month of dedication to appreciating our military heroes is a wonderful thing,  it still falls short of the gratitude and appreciation that is truly deserved.

As a veteran of the Ohio Air National Guard, I developed a strong appreciation for those that serve our country.   That appreciation and gratitude grew even stronger when I met my husband who served in the Vietnam War.  Our many conversations about his experiences there made me realize that serving during peace time as I did, though completely honorable, was not to be compared with what he had gone through and the sacrifices that he made and many warriors have made throughout history.

What we enjoy so freely today and often take for granted such as religious freedoms and freedom of speech, exist only because our nation’s military have fought for us to keep them.

Today and every single day, let us thank our warriors both active and fallen.  Why not look into finding everyday ways to help our military members and their families?  There are numerous ways to say Thank You!  One of them is just saying it.   If you see a military member in uniform or know someone who has served or is currently serving, let them know how much you appreciate what they did or are doing.  If you know a warrior that has been deployed, visit or call their family members and offer to lend an ear, take them to lunch, babysit their children, invite them over for dinner.  Ask them what they need and if you can help them in any way.

Go even further and look into fundraising to help a military family in need or donate to an organization that is devoted to helping the military.  There are hundreds of organizations with an online presence that need loving, caring people to volunteer, to donate and to assist in raising funds.  Or, if you are really a go-getter, plan an event of your own, a silent auction, an honorary dinner for a specific military member you know where you can sell tickets and give all proceeds to the family or simply have a yard sale and give what you make to the military organization of your choice.

Here are some websites and links that can help get us started:

Let’s appreciate our warriors starting now and make it a daily practice by showing them we care.




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