Thank you! Steve Harari, CEO

As we put a wrap on 2014 I definitely have a lot of people to thank!   I’ve been blessed in so many ways and being a part of SargesList and our efforts to support our military families is something I am most grateful for.   We are really still a “start up” and so getting the word out that we exist and generating word of mouth is a continuous challenge.  Everyone knows about CraigsList but who did you say that online classifieds for the military community was?  It’s okay to be compared with the big guys and we are thankful to be noticed!

Speaking of being noticed, more than 20,000 of you visit SargesList every month and you viewed roughly 3 million pages in 2014.  That’s a lot of houses, autos, furniture, job listings, and stuff in general!  We are always eager for feedback so don’t be shy. Let us know about your successes and challenges with SargesList – did we help you buy/sell what you needed or not?  Did you find information that helped you with your last PCS?  We do our best to provide information that is base specific and relevant to you.

As the holidays arrive and we give thanks for so much, I’d like to thank our military families for their service and protection of our country.  We live in a world that seems increasingly hostile and that poses tremendous threats to Americans, both overseas as well as at home.  Some of your loved ones won’t be home for the holidays because they are stationed far away and have a job to do. That is a huge sacrifice for a family to have Mom or Dad (or a Daughter or Son) not home for Christmas. At SargesList, we understand that and put our hands over our hearts to say “Thank You” to our men and women in our Armed Forces.

Have a blessed holiday season and we’ll hope to see you back in 2015!

Steve Harari
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