The Zen of Purging Your DVD Collection

We’ve all been there. A giant grin plastered across your face as you dive elbow deep into the $5 DVD bin at your nearest value store. Then you see it. You think to yourself, “How could this be? How can THIS be in THIS bin? It’s a classic!”

Now flash forward two years later. Is that amazing “classic” DVD still in its plastic wrapper with the garish $5 value sticker on it? ¬†Well, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to follow you to your next duty station and while you LOVE the movie, someone else will love it too. Maybe someone that will watch it!

Inventory & Purge Your Media Collection

PCS time is a great time to get organized and reduce clutter. PCSing is your chance to downsize.  DVDs, VHS, CDs, books, and other portable media take up valuable shelf space and can quickly evolve from beloved collection to a hoarders dream. 

Plus with all those new movie apps and streaming options like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Video and more, ¬†you really don’t need to cart around all those DVDs anymore.

A great way to organize yourself in preparation for your next PCS is to take the time to inventory and purge your media collection.

You can visit CNet to download a copy of My Movie Library to help you get started. As you inventory, bring a critical eye to your collection. Consider questions like:

  • Will I ever watch this movie again?
  • Will I EVER watch this movie?
  • Do I own multiple formats of the same movie (blu-ray, dvd, vhs, laser discs)?
  • Do I have another method of accessing this movie/song/album (think: Netflix, iTunes, Pandora, etc.)?

List Your Used Media With SargesList

Once you’ve whittled down your collection, gather your extra titles and make a visit to You can create a free listing and lighten your media collection. The nice thing about unloading some of your media gold is that you aren’t limited to making a local sale. The USPS offers very affordable mail rates to ship your wares and if you have educational materials, namely books, you can take advantage of media mail rates.

Not interested in selling? List your wares for free on Sargeslist and freecycle your treasures with another military member!


Either way you are doing yourself a favor by unloading extra stuff you don’t want to pack and unpack. You are also sharing your media gold with another servicemember, and you are saving the government money by reducing your shipping weight. One DVD might not weigh much, but think about 100 DVDs and the rack they sit on! Bet you never knew that purging could be so patriotic!

So what are you waiting for? Go sift through your stuff and post your excess on SargesList! Just click the button below:


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