Three Tips For Reducing Your Stress

Being an adult can be hard. We have a lot to keep track of! Bills, work, family, health, friends…the list goes on! It can all pile up quickly and make anyone feel stressed. Unfortunately, while stress can have a few positive effects on our body and mentality, overall it can really do a number on us and overall health. Here are three tips to help you reduce your stress and help keep you healthy, so you can keep “adulting.”

Exercise: Sometimes our days are so jam-packed with things to do, we don’t think there is and time to exercise, let alone the energy! Fortunately, even a 20-minute jaunt before or after dinner is a good way to reduce the stress hormones in your body and help you to relax. When we exercise our bodies produce endorphins which are notorious for making us feel better. While longer periods of exercise produce more, even the walk around the block at dinner time can get the chemicals flowing and you’re bound to come back feeling better! running-573762_1280

Diet: You might be amazed by the effects of food on our body! Maybe you’ve heard it before, but the foods high in sugars and sweeteners and drinks high in sugar and caffeine, while giving a temporary energy burst, will ultimately tire you out and make you feel sluggish. Feeling tired when we have a lot to do doesn’t do any favors! In general, it’s best to eat foods that are low in sugars and high in protein. In times when you are feeling the stress more than usual, make sure to eat foods that are high in antioxidants like fresh fruits and vegetables. They will help to keep your immune system boosted, so stress can’t wear you down and make you sick. No one has time to get sick!berries-184449_1280

Sleep: I don’t know about you, but “sleep” is one of my favorite things to do. No one ever seems to appreciate sleeping as a child, but as soon as you grow up, you wish you could sleep as peacefully as kids do. Sometimes it seems that when I go to bed, that’s when my brain goes into overdrive and it can be challenging to turn it off. One of the best relievers of stress, however, is sleep. It’s the “time out” our body needs to take to restore and rejuvenate itself, so we can tackle the next day without piling on more stress than we can handle. Coincidentally, people who exercise tend to sleep better and proper diet aids in better sleep. Unfortunately, no matter how much you exercise or how well you eat, if you don’t get enough rest, the stress can still bring you down. For tips on getting a good night’s sleep click here. pillows-890559_1280

Stress is inevitable. To me it seems that the older I get, the more I have to keep track of and it becomes easier and easier to get bogged down. Don’t let the stress take its toll! These tips are easy, and there are many more ways to relieve the stress of our daily lives. Feel free to share your stress-reducing techniques!

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