TriWest and SargesList on a Mission to Serve

SargesList is more than a bunch of ads. We are a community. We care about our military family and provide more than just a place to buy and sell. When we find partners, we look for groups and brands that share our values and our mission to serve which is why we recently partnered with Triwest  - the force on the front lines protecting the health of western region military personnel and their families.
If you are moving to the western region of the United States you can easily find you new Primary Care Manager (PCM) through the Triwest portal.
Do you need a PCM recommendation, or have a good recommendation for a PCM? Ask your question or tell others about your experience on Military Duty Stations!
For more information about Triwest’s mission to serve, and their recent DOD contract negotiations, please visit their informational page.¬† Triwest is also keeping customers engaged on their Facebook page.


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