Use SargesList to Grow Your Business

Whether you own/operate a brick and mortar business that offers services or products to military communities OR you operate a home based business (military spouses?), you can now use SargesList to help grow your business.

“Build it and they will come,” right? Wishful thinking. With all the competition fighting for above the fold results on search engines, sometimes it can feel like your business is the falling tree in a deserted forest. So, your job is to get the word out: The more places your name is on the web with your keywords, the greater chances people will find you when looking for the products and services you offer. One of our users posted a listing one day and the very next day his SargesList listing was in the top 5 results on Google when searching by the keywords in his listing: “VA Loans Joint Base Lewis McChord.”

Below are some tips for making the most out of your SargesList business listing:

1) Building a good description requires knowing your how your audience will search for the products and services you sell. Keyword research is a must! You can’t just describe your business in a way that you understand, build it in a way that both you feel like you are conveying your core value offerings AND the way that your customers search.

2) When adding a listing, fill out all the fields, especially the description field and make sure to focus on using your businesses keywords and include the name of the base(s) that are nearby. Make sure to use the tags with more product or service keywords. For example:

Relax and enjoy a customized skincare services by a licensed esthetician in the City of Dupont, WA located just outside Joint Base Lewis McChord. Customized facials, waxing for hair removal, and tinting of lashes and brows are provided in a private and comfortable setting. Advanced antiaging services including Microcurrent and LED Light Therapy Skincare products carried include Eminence Organic, Jan Marini, Glo Professionals, Purely Skin and Tizo3. Please see for a full description of services, online scheduling and gift certificates.

Notes: Is location important? If so, make sure to include the names of the cities you service in the description and tags. Also, it helps to put the name of the base in your listing as well – yes again. Include your website, Facebook and twitter links in the description as well.

3) Use all 5 photos or include videos. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who is evaluating your product or service. Would a video provide enhanced clarity of your product or service? Focus on what makes your product / service different than your competition (that matters to your target audience: experience, quality, choices, speed, etc.)?

Notes: SargesList accepts videos on photo upload page. Make sure that the photos have good lighting and are clear!

4) If you offer discounts, are former military or are a military spouse, make sure you state that in your listing! If you are offering coupons or discounts, place a second listing in the Military Savings / Military Coupon section under Military Life. That way, you get double the exposure and as you know, military like their deals! (who doesn’t?)

5) Share your SargesList listing on your Facebook page and ask your fans to vote on your SargesList listing to recommend your products or services. This gives you credibility when people are evaluating your products or services.

Other general marketing tips: Inbound marketing – be the flame, not the moth:

1) Focus on drawing people to you by providing valuable information by blogging about relevant, fresh information relative to your audience and product/service offerings – doesn’t have to be about your products but helpful information. Blogs are a critical component to search engine evaluation.

2) Post on Facebook and Tweet about your article on your blog with a link to your blog. Make sure your blog is linked to your website. (examples: or

3) Use inbound marketing to attract high quality leads and increasing shopping cart conversions. Check out HubSpots free Inbound Marketing webinars and tools such as website grader, facebook grader, etc.

Lastly, make sure that every page on your website has a call to action on it. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, take your bite out of it!



  1. Thank you for this opportunity! I cannot wait to see how fast SargesList grows 🙂 Totally awesome!


  2. Thank you for your support and patronage, Michelle!

    We’re excited to announce the development of SargesList forums….. Soon to debut….. Stay tuned!

    -Elaine Klinkhammer

  3. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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