Using Daily Deals for a Better Vacation

Use Daily Deals to Beef up your Vacation.

Use Daily Deals to Beef up your Vacation.

Daily deal sites are exploding in popularity and their reach is extending into cities far and wide. With a few tips and a little know-how, you can take advantage of the services to improve your travel or vacation plans – all at a fraction of what it might otherwise cost.

Daily Deal sites have become so commonplace in our culture, that just about every company with something to sell is finding a way to utilize the service. If you haven’t jumped on the daily deal bandwagon, the sites often offer flash sales or select deals every day for a set period of time – say 24 or 48 hours. If enough people commit to purchase, the customer can often times receive a sizable discount – often times more than 50 percent – off of a product or service.

Although there are many sites that cater to retail products, sites like Living Social, Groupon and Amazon Local, which are generally based around cities, are the best for vacation shopping and planning. If you can, commit to some research ahead of time and find out the best things to do and places to eat. Start watching your destination’s daily deal sites early! If you work the system, you could get the majority of your meals at a discount, score new ideas for things to do, and possibly get the a chance to try unusual recreational activities.

The plan can be seamless (theoretically), but be sure to read the fine print when you buy your deals. Sometimes they can be restrictive for times, have short expiration dates, limit choices and activities can book up ahead of time if the deal is a big seller. For example, if you buy a paddle board tour, you’ll want to make sure you have the flexibility to plan your schedule ahead of time and make reservations.

Daily deals can also be great for planning your actual trips. Sites like Groupon Getaways and Living Social Escapes regularly post deals for vacation packages, hotel stays and more – both last-minute and for months in advance. It’s always well worth a look, even if you’re just squeezing some fun into an otherwise uneventful PCS. You might end up getting a lot more bang for your buck.

Words for the Wise: Tips for getting the most out of Daily Deals for your Vacation

  • Check your destination city’s social media pages for ideas. Often times, this is where available deals really go viral and spread like wildfire.
  • Remember that deals usually have to sell a certain number before the deal is “on.” Be sure to keep tabs on your purchase and make sure you’ll get the deal you thought.
  • Refund policies vary – read the fine print! For example, if your deal expires, a common strategy is to offer the value you paid for your¬† deal at an establishment rather than the value of the deal. Not all daily deal sites are created equal.



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